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Welcome to Steve's Words homepage! Your source for Game Theory, Economics, Chaos Theory, Philosophy, and Wallace & Gromit!

Wallace & Gromit: Wrong Trousers

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Attention all concerned netizens! -- Britain's Oscar Award winning claymation characters -- Wallace and Gromit -- HAVE BEEN FOUND! They were lost in a box in the back seat of a New York taxi cab. The whole world eagerly celebrates t his good news. Thank God they have been returned safe & sound.

Please visit The Star (a newspaper based in South Africa) that brought me the good news about Wallace & Gromit.

Really new! -- Information Revolution and Economics, Part 1 3/4: Digital Reformation

See Steve's Review of Books on Chaos, Economics, Science, History, Philosophy, etc.


Click 'Gromit' to see Steve's Autobiography and Coming Attractions Page.

NEW! -- Quote of the day: "But while {Franz} Kafka, who died in 1924, was always a favorite of intellectuals, it took the fall of communism to make him into a T-shirt." -- Greg Steinmetz, The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 10, 1996

My Fabulous List of Links!

Click "Wallace" to go to my Fabulous List of Links. It contains links to game theory, chaos theory, entertainment, and other interesting topics -- including the umpteenth Dilbert link. The page also contains forms for Yahoo! and Alta Vi sta so you can do searches there.


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  • Introduction and a few links to other sites (scroll down on this page)
  • Game Theory and Nuclear Strategy
  • Steve's Review of Books on Chaos, Science, Econ, etc.
  • Steve's List of Interesting Links (not listed directly below)
  • Information Revolution and Economics: Part I, Innovation and the New Economy
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    Hi, my name is Steve Lee. I am an undergraduate student at UCLA. I am hoping to use this page to discuss topics that are of interest to me and, hopefully, to you.

    Game Theoretical Analysis of Nuclear Confrontation

    I have written a paper on why we did not blow ourselves to kingdom come during the "Cold War." The explanations is given using a game known as "Chicken" (preview below).

    Figure 1. "The Game of Chicken," from Nicholson, 1992, p.643.
    (Player 1 = ROW, Player 2 = COLUMN)CooperateNot Cooperate
    Not Cooperate3,10,0

    To see the paper click: atom.

    Steve's Review of Books on Chaos, Economics, Science, etc.

    I review Edward Lorenz's The Essence of Chaos and James Gleick's Chaos. I will be adding more reviews in a few days. Click here.

    Steve's List of Other Interesting Links

    Come see the list of other homepages I find fun and/or useful. You may find them useful as well. To get to my list of interesting links click here.

    Information Revolution and Economics: Part I, Innovation and the New Economy

    This is a two part series on how we can use lessons from economics to analyze the implications of the Information Revolution. I think all netizens will be interested in this. To see it click here.

    New! -- Information Revolution, Part 1 3/4: Digital Reformation

    Okay, so I haven't written Part 2 in the series yet. I hope this new essay will still interest you. I submited it for a writing contest by a magazine. Click here to read the essay.


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